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The code can be found here

The installation supposes the installation of the NDK (see below) and then running the app.

As an android app, you need to have a java JDK installed.
We use Gradle as builder tools. You need to install it too.
Before being able to build the app, you need to specify, in a local.properties file, in the root folder, the Android SDK and NDK location, with sdk.dir and ndk.dir, example:


the current version of the `NDK` is android-ndk-r14b

Running the app

After, you can launch the Gradle wrapper from the project directory, example:


./gradlew assembleDebug


gradlew.bat assembleDebug

To install on a device:

  • Switch the Android device to dev mode (generally, tap 7 times on "Version number" in parameters)
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Connect the device to your computer (with screen unlocked to see the prompt)
  • Accept the prompt on your device, to authorize your computer
  • Launch gradlew with installDebug

Note: We currently use android-sdk 25, with minSdkVersion 19, and targetSdkVersion 25

echOpen virtual machine

At this link, you'll find an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. All the environment is set-up so as you don't have to worry about anything when running echOpen's Android App !

Here are two or three useful things to know to find your way

username : echtopianpassword : echtopian

TheechOpen Android appis under/home/echtopian

To run it on Android Studio,


Android sdk path is/home/echtopian/Android

Made with Love ;)

List of authors

Clément Le Couedic


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