Set up your echOpen open lab

You can follow this section's guidelines to set up your own hardware lab ! Here you will find a list of the equipment you will need to build the probe and help us with the hardware.

To build the probe, we have provided some tips for a good start. The following list (LabTool) gives components and consumables deemed essential and required to quickly start a laboratory or a research center to design the echOpen probe.

Name Comments Name Comments
Heat gun Allen keys set
Screwdriver set 1 drive and 35 different heads Torx keys set T6, 10, 15, 20, 25
Pliers set 5 pliers set Bread Bord 2560 ports
Cutting plier Ventilation ventilator + duct
Wire stripper Multimeter
Dremel + support Dremel 4000/support 220: drilling, cutting, sanding Power supply 0 - 30 V, 0 - 5 A
Caliper Soldering station
Cutter blades Soldering glasses
Key set Size: 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 22 desoldering pump
Sockets and spanners 2 spanners + sockets 4 to 6 (0.5 step), 7 to 24 (1 step), 27, 30, 32 Plastic tweezers
Amplifiers 10 units Flux tank Desoldering wick
ADC 5 units Soldering mat
DAC 5 units (10 MHz, 8 bits) Resistors set
Inductors set 160 inductors from 1µH to 470 µH Capacitors set
Prototype board 160*100 Flux bottle (100 mL)
Crocodile to banana leads Microcontroller Compatible with Arduino
BNC to banana lead Magnifying glass
Banana to banana leads Motor with encoder Voltage: 12 V Speed: 500 rpm 1216 steps
Wire sets for Breadboard or stepper motor Voltage: 12V Speed:450-500 rpm 1080 steps
Terminal board Capacitors 100 pF 470 pF 1000 pF
Soldering tin Inductor 4.7 mH
Electronic varnish MOSFET
Flux cleaner Heat-shrink set

table 1: labtool

Figure 1: Electronic pliers, workshop tools. Method of storage for equipment.

Figure 2: Typical platform of work: the breadboard


Figure 3: Testing appliance

The oscilloscope and multimeter can be used as electronic diagnostic tools to get quick access to the signals in different parts of the circuit in the board (test leads are required to get measurements on the breadboard). The signal generator allows simulating different inputs to part of the circuit.

Now that your echOpen lab is ready you can read about the characteristics of the latest stable version or about the work in progress. Or you can jump directly to the production guide !

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