Prototyping gitbook


This gitbook is the prototyping teams' main information medium. It gathers in a single place long term objectives, the latest stable release, a track record of former versions, the work in progress, and needs for contributions.


  • Introduction : description of the project
  • How to contribute : presentation of our working methods and the ways to help us
  • Get started : some advice to help you set up your own hardware lab and/or get started with the developer version of the software
  • Product backlog : summary of the long-term objectives
  • Challenges : punctual challenges to which everyone (not only team members) can participate
  • In progress : information and follow-up of ongoing iteration
  • Stable release Vx.y.z : information about the latest stable release (specifications, documentation, realisation guide)
  • Follow-up : Minutes of weekly meetings
  • References : Shared bibliography and references

List of authors

We thank all echOpen members who contributed to the release of this GitBook :

Aliénor Lahlou

Alister Trabattoni

Apolline Faidherbe


Benoit Vincent

Clément Le Couedic


Emilie Mayer



@K. Ghosh

Muriel Gonidec

Nicolas Filipovic



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