CR Followup meeting 30-08-2017


Clément - @clecoued

Mehdi - @nowami

Aurélie - @aurelie-mutschler


From now on, all the efforts have to be made on the industrial pipe, together with our partners. The objectives are tight and quite ambitious, and the few human resources we have on the voluntary side represent a precious source of knowledge and expertise for that purpose. The best way to combine voluntary/student contributions with the industrial rhythm has still to be determined, but here are a few hints :

Voluntaries with technical skills / expertise

  • will be kept up-to-date with the current stages of our partnership
  • will be informed the latest steps and problematics encountered by our industrial partners
  • will design projects for students (see below), and insure the global follow-up (guarantee the matching between our needs and the productions made, as well as the recovery and valorisation of deliverables)
    /! the student projects may however not require too much time and investment for our volunteers, so only projects in partnership with researchers/teachers may be accepted

  • will be able to take part to the prototyping by giving advices, benchmarks, references, making some tests ... i.e. giving knowledge but no direct contributions especially on the hardware part - this is because it seems inconsistent with the medical certification processes + difficulty to respect tight deadlines for volunteers

  • as regards the android app, the developments will continue on the voluntary side --> workflow to be organized to facilitate GitHub contributions, @clecoued is working on that

Student projects

Because of the delays for recovering deliverables as well as the variable quality of productions that might by recovered, student projects will focus only on exploratory R&D/tests/benchmarking for future improvements of the device.

The students projects will be handled by home schools teachers, because we are aware that our voluntaries don't necessarily have time to supervise students, especially if these laters are not based in Paris.

Example : we just proposed to Polytech'Nantes teachers a project dedicated to the development of a Doppler functionnality for their students in electronic an numeric technologies.

CR Followup Meeting 02-08-2017


Clement - @clecoued
Mehdi - @nowami
Aurélie - @aurelie mutschler
Nicolas - @nfilipov Octavian - @omaciu
Benjamin - @benschan

Money becomes a more and more critical question. Contributors have a role to play in terms of funding opportunities, discounted material receipt, ...

A new step has to be taken. We have to ensure that our industrial partners do the right job. It amounts to following the different projects step by step and to challenge the delegated makers (on a weekly or even on a daily basis).

To improve the organization, students have a new role to play. For example Loïc has developed for months a platform for coding and ML challenges (like the RAMP one) but his lack of time slows down new evolutions such as a V2 release, for which students could bring efficiencies. Loïc would just have to follow the potential volunteers 1 hour a week e.g.

CR Followup Meeting 19-07-2017


Clement - @clecoued
Mehdi - @nowami
Aurélie - @aurelie mutschler
Nicolas - @nfilipov
Apolline - @apolline
Pierre - @pierre

ToDo before clinical trials

  • Mechanics : miniaturize and encapsulate device
  • Electronics / Embedded systems
  • Software : Finalize UX/UI and rendering pipeline

About certification (CE), we need :

  • to pass a bench of technic/safety tests @todo WHAT IS THE LIST OF THE TESTS ?
  • clinical trials


to establish the roadmap, we need information :

  • what delay between industrial prototype and small series ? --> related to WP3 of industrialization
  • are there iterations before producing the industrial prototype ?
  • what are the precise rules for CE certification ? what about clinical trials ? are we obliged to do some ? if so, what are the conditions ? if we modify the device after the clinical trials, are they still valid ?
  • What is the list of tests the prototype has to pass before clinical trials ? biocompatibility etc ?
  • when do we need to begin the process of follow-up for certification ?
  • documentation for certification : do we need to begin before we have a first functioning prototype ?
  • Coordination with industrial pipe : do they confirm we will get the design of electronic card and mechanics by the end of 2017 ?
  • Need to have more precise information about deadlines and deliverables considered by industrial pipe

What will be delivered by the industrial pipe :

  • design of electronic card + integration & miniaturization
  • design of mechanics
  • embedded software development
  • Mobile app ?

Indicative planning

CR Followup Meeting 12-07-2017


Clement - @clecoued
Mehdi - @nowami
Aurélie - @aurelie mutschler
Nicolas - @nfilipov
Benoît - @bivi
Loic - @hackholite
Luc J - @luc
Appoline - @apolline
Pierre - @pierre

Schedule and context

Putting into context the last sessions and the work program of the next months, namely the guiding questions

  • What are we doing ?
  • With who ?
  • How we do it ?

this session is dedicated to the “What" part

the “What" part at a strategic level

Principles of action in the community :

@luc we must act a “Make" principle : people that one to do, does #responsibility

@bivi suggest to have a clear view of human resources & needs

human resources -> volunteers, students, pros / Altran, experts as researchers
in front of which there are needs : medical device + side needs experimental, exploratory

@aurelie @nowami suggests that this not “What” part but the “How"

What is the focus : industrial pipe +/- community based developments

So the focus is -> Do we go through to the only industrial pipe or do we go to industrial pipe + community kit-based pipe ?

Consensus about going to the only industrial pipe

In this circumstances, what do we do with students proposed by bunch of engineering school ?

consensus about the fact that students will hold problems that are not critical for the fist version of the device but whose work will have impact on further developments.

@bivi warns that process & documentation must be one of our main obsession : format production - quality insurance
@nowami suggests

the “What" part at a practical level

  • So we have to answer 3 questions : what are the main issues related to

  • industrial pipe

so we need to

  • find transducer
  • material for the head probe
  • exploring acoustic mirror
  • electronic board design

  • to be developed from the kit to serve the industrial pipe

    • characterisation : mesure bench
    • phantoms
    • mobile app : protocol for clinical study, UI, sharing, cloud issue
  • what is to be done students : for the future versions

    • IA : assistance operation,
    • signal processing : transducer precise characterisation
    • GPU / FPGA
    • android’s VULCAN technology

CR Followup Meeting 05-07-2017

Luc J - @luc /
Loic - @hackholite /
Clement - @clecoued


  • lost password functionnality done by @hackholite

  • remains:

    • integration of multi reference images
    • deploy in production

Community examples

Arduino - fondation + entreprise
2 peoples

merge both entities
no external contributors
split soft and hardware

Rasberry Pi - small company

first similar project to Arduino + Wifi module

Maker Bot

Open IRM

Open Source Medical Hardware

CR Followup Meeting 28-06-2017

Medhi B - @benchoufi /
Luc J - @luc /
Olivier De F - @olivier /
Aurelie M - @aurelie /
Nicolas F - @nfilipov /
Clement L - @lecoued /
Benjamin S - @schanes

Identify and discuss project core elements

  • What are we doing ?
  • With who ?
  • How we do it ?


Association: cf Association Goals

General assembly - existing big picture:

  • create a prototype with medical standards

    • medical image quality - success
    • clinical interpretability - in progress

    • clinical trials in June 2018 - to come

  • community impact - support industrial project

Community status ?

Do we interface community with industrial project ?

How do we interface community with industrial project ?

What a contributor is looking for in echOpen project ?

How do we give values to contributors ?

How we valorize community ? competences available and contributions

Do we grow communities and how ?

What we expect from contributors ?

Which community models could be similar to ours ?

What are the projects ?

Do we focus on a single project (industrial project) ?

If not, what are the side projects ?

Brainstorm on projects

What is the roadmap ?

Determine the milestones to complete the project/s

How do we find and allocate resources ?

Do we need more resources ?

Communication ?

Action Plan:

  • state of the art - existing similar community models
  • Calendar of the topic we will process
  • secondary projects

2017.06.21 - HD - 19.00 (Paris time)

Medhi B - @benchoufi /
Luc J - @luc /
Loic - @hackholite /
Aurelie M - @aurelie /
Nicolas F - @nfilipov /
Clement L - @lecoued /
Benjamin S - @benschan

EchOpen leaderboard:

  • feature completed: error feedbacks implemented in the code console @hackolite
  • to do:
    • integration of the multi reference images benchmark
    • password recuperation

Benchmarking - existing ultra portable echograph:

  • best effort to complete the template @luc
  • 510k certification - EchOpen upgrade of Clarius ? Lumify ?


  • mobile application documentation in progress @benchoufi @lecoued
  • big rework on challenges
  • target - 30 June mobile app doc
    • 13 July challenge rework


  • start a community mapping @hackholite @luc
  • how to integrate smoothly new contributions ? @benchoufi @aurelie
  • how people get more aware of their close work group ?

    • example of the CMS community (3000 members) @nfilipov
    • multi layer communications - hierarchy
  • create a wish list

Brainstorming about Challenge4Students:

  • build a RoadMap - short term / long term @all

    • build realistic targets
    • organize CapTech
    • define process for RoadMap creation
    • who drives this RoadMap creation ?
  • Process description @benchoufi

    • as a client for the academics
      • Provide resources to the school
      • Follow up very important to engage and focus development @lecoued
      • How to integrate the deliverables ?
  • create a wishlist @aurelie @benchoufi

  • student projects will work on R&D pipelines

  • identify priorities

2017.04.10 - HD - 19.00 (Paris time)

attending : Jérôme D. / Benoît V. / Olivier F. / Mehdi B. / Alister T. / Aurélie M.

Medicotechnical gitbook

  • "How to contribute" section is complete, needs for beta-testing --> @alister will read it and make some remarks
  • Need to include Mechanics in the medicotechnical gitbook + create github repo / teams for mechanics
    • There will be two "parallel" sides of the mechanics : the one for "test bench" + the one for the real probe. In an ideal case, releases will include both.
    • @Benoît will complete the "mechanics" section in the backlog
  • "Find your team" section : add links to slack channels
  • Software :
    • development ok, needs to plug on the device to test --> this will be done on wednesday
    • documentation is ongoing, will be ok by the end of the week
    • @lecoued made a huge cleaning of the code
    • next release : unit tests to be implemented
  • Activity report : almost done, @benchoufi is on it :)


  • @Benoit has made a prototype in polystyrene
  • Due to mechanical constrains, the section related with one image won't be a perfect plan --> ok for tests, but obviously not for medical applications
  • need for transducers to test the encapsulation

2017.03.20 - HD - 19.00 (Paris time)




  • Characterize the prototype regarding the UM
  • Past week evolution
  • Issues and problems linked to the prototype development

    Collaborative and community


  • New method and doc implementation => followup

2017.03.13 - HD - 19.00 (Paris time)

Jérôme D. / Benoit V. / Aurélie M. / Mehdi B. / Olivier F.



  • Lab prototype version review => implementing a versioning system showing up development within the release strategy. (Cf. the release planning)

    Collaborative and community


  • Setting up the 3 months objectives for each topic to develop

    Community life (new members, etc.)

  • Alister (interested in contributing as he has time available at the moment) => integrate the project March 14th.

  • Discussion about the Starter_kit and prototyping repository => What information and where => on going work with Aurélie => deadline: end of March




  • Lab prototype version review
    • Hardware improvement (analog & digital)
    • Signal processing
  • Android app
  • Other


Collaborative and community

  • Community life (new members, etc.)
  • Starter kit and prototyping repository





Public health


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