Mobile Application Functional Architecture

This diagram is a representation of the functional components of the mobile application. We will give a short description of each module's role.

The EchOpen mobile application is divided into the following components:

  • Device Pairing Service: ensures robust connection and communication to EchOpen echography device through Wifi via TCP/IP protocol

  • Device Data Source: receives and reads TCP/IP messages from echOpen echography device and formats information into raw image data streaming

  • Local Data Source: emulates an echOpen device. To do so it reads mobile phone local files and formats information into image raw data streaming

  • Echography Image Builder: transforms an image raw data sequence into a displayable bitmap image by applying a sequence of filters(envelope detection, scan conversion, ...)

  • Echography Image Realtime Visualisation: provides realtime image streaming rendering

  • Echography Image Manipulation: allows user to manipulate on-the-fly image contrast

  • Measure: allows user to deposit a ruler on the image and display associated precise measure

  • Global UI components: handles common UI navigation elements

Mobile Application Class Diagram

This diagram is a representation of the mobile application implementation. It provides an overview of the Java class architecture and locates main code entry points.

To get detailed class description, please refer to Doxygen documentation

List of authors

Clément Le Couedic


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