echOpen is a medical project with a community challenge and a technical outcome.


Designing a universal, open source and affordable medical echo-stethoscope (ultrasound probe) connected to a mobile device (smartphone) for diagnostic orientation

echOpen is a medical project with a community management challenge and a technical outcome


Allowing the radical transformation of diagnostic orientation in hospitals, general medicine and medically underserved areas in both southern and northern countries.


Better Access To Medical Imaging: Anytime, anywhere, any moment


Providing healthcare professionals around the world with an affordable echo-stethoscope

  • Medical: Launching a class II.a. medical device
  • Community: pluri-disciplinary collaboration for worldwide open sourced contributions
  • Technical: innovative diagnosis solution (low-cost/affordable, open source, etc.)

Brief history

echOpen history

echOpen was born in late 2014 as a community-based project bringing together people interested in mHealth devices and eHealth for the future of worldwide health. Having gathered a core team of 5 persons with necessary expertise for the project, we tested the feasibility (state of the art, potential applications, etc.). We then mobilized people of various professional backgrounds and partners to create an operational community based around 9 identified specific topics covering the entire project.

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