Landing on the project

As echOpen is a community-based and an open source project, it's open to anyone with any interest, background and skills whatever you are from in the world, it's open and it will remain this way !

As the project is broad, any type of skills are welcome and useful. That is why we defined 9 main challenges to let anyone get into the project.

Discover echOpen and the community

First of all, if you don't know the project yet, you should visit echOpen website to a an overview of what echOpen aims to achieve.

You can also visit us in echOpen lab based at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris, France (1, place du parvis Notre Dame - 75004 Paris, France) or getting in touch by sending us an email

Discover the echOpen open licences :

  • Software is under BS3 licence
  • Hardware is under GPL 3 licence adapted to the hardware
  • Content is under Creative Commons : CC BY SA (Attribution and Share Alike)

Stay up to date

  • Register to echOpen newsletter : go to echOpen website and add your first name, last name and email address directly in the front page dedicated area.
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Follow us on twitter

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