What is echOpen ?

echOpen is an open and collaborative project, led by a multidisciplinary core of experts and senior professionals in order to make medical imaging technologies open and accessible. The aim is to build a functional low-cost (affordable) and open source echo-stethoscope (ultrasound probe) connected to a smartphone, enabling a radical change in diagnostic orientation in hospitals, general medicine and medically underserved areas. This project is intended for health professionals in northern and southern countries.

echOpen in brief

echOpen history

echOpen was born in late 2014 as a community project bringing together people interested in mHealth devices and eHealth for the future of worldwide health. Having gathered a core team of 5 persons with necessary expertise for the project, we tested the feasibility (state of the art, potential applications, etc.). We then mobilised people of various professional backgrounds and partners to create an operational community based around 9 identified specific challenges covering the entire project :

  • Medicotechnical matters : Designing a medical device to meet medical needs
  • Collaborative and community matters : Designing good methodology for the community
  • Legal and licence matters : Making sure everything remains accessible
  • Regulatory matters : Following regulatory expectations
  • Communication matters : Spread the project and its philosophy widely
  • Ethical matters : Respecting the human being and improving healthcare
  • Training matters : Making sure users are well trained
  • Public health matters : Improving healthcare accessibility
  • Economical matters : Finding ways to sustain the project, the device and all around

As each participant has different interests, skills and disponibilities, a project schedule was created taking into account these different aspects.

The use of a wiki and a github organization, gathering all the information (techniques, processes, support material, etc.), and online collaboration tools (GitHub, Slack, …), enables contributors to quickly grasp challenges or specific questions and provide solutions according to a detailed development plan and their disponibilities. Some key partners brought resources such as finance, equipment, work environment, etc. to support the advancement of the project and achieve its goals.

If you wish to join this community, this guide can help you understand the project and its main challenges that we are tackling. With this guide, we aim to accompany you to contribute to the echOpen project by installing your own hardware kit and/or your dev environement with the support of the expertise and experience of the echOpen community.

Enjoy your reading !

echOpen community

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